Planning Together for Children

Planning Together for Children

This online course helps separated families to co-parent better and put the needs of their children first.

Course overview:

Planning Together for Children is an England-wide online course. It supports parents who are separating or living apart to put the needs and best interests of their children first. Parents will learn how to protect their children against some of the harmful effects that can arise due to parental conflict. During the course, parents, or those who care for children, will:

  • explore how they can work together to agree on parenting arrangements without the need for more court hearings.
  • learn how disagreements and arguments can affect children, so they can minimise them.

To access the service, please go to the Cafcass website.

Features included in the course:

  • An interactive parenting plan: helping parents make agreements on their parenting relationship with each other, considering how they can best support their children together.
  • The Parenting Together web pages: a range of educational programmes to help them understand the needs of children when parents separate, and the impact of conflict on them.