Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaches offer support throughout the process of relationship breakdown and separation.  

They can work with you and your solicitor to provide support which is both emotional and practical.

They do not offer legal advice but help you through the process and show you how to take responsibility and find clarity.  

During the process of separation, a person will experience many emotions and it may be difficult to make a decision as the trauma can be all encompassing. Divorce coaches will:

  1. Listen and help you to work out how and why you may be feeling ‘stuck’ and why it is so hard to think clearly. 
  2. Teach you techniques to unblock your mind and encourage you to take responsibility and move forward.
  3. Help you to deal with the sadness and loss that you are experiencing and help you to focus on a positive future.
  4. Discuss the options which your solicitor or mediator has discussed and spend time exploring them with you. They will help you to visualise them so that you feel clearer about them and can calmly consider them.
  5. Assist you with techniques so that you are able to give clear instructions to your solicitor
  6. Help you to prepare yourself for mediation sessions, meetings with your solicitor and Court hearings.