The Steering Group

The Steering Group is the operational management group made up of volunteers from within the Supporting Separated Families Alliance in Kent. The Steering Group has been established and tasked with the practical development of the Alliance.

The members of the Steering Group meet on a regular basis to put in place the actions determined by the broader Alliance membership and by the Steering Group themselves.

The Steering Group has responsibility for the external communications of the Alliance, including the website and any promotional materials.

Members of the Steering Group will be:

  • A local member of the Judiciary
  • A local Mediator
  • A local Solicitor
  • A local Third Sector Organisation / Charity representative
  • KCC Public Health representative
  • A Service User / Parent

The Steering Group will harness the views and opinions of the Alliance to ensure a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience is shared and articulated appropriately.

The Steering Group will use all best endeavours to harness the ‘voice of the child / children and young people’.