Help with Separating or Divorcing

If you are married or in a civil partnership and are separating and need to divide your money or property and you want this to be legally binding, you must apply to a court before finalising legal paperwork to divorce or end your civil partnership.

To help you with this you can go to mediation CLICK HERE or take legal advice CLICK HERE or talk to Citizens Advice CLICK HERE.

Grounds for divorce CLICK HERE

To help you through the divorce process and to complete your Petition online Visit the website CLICK HERE

If you are not married or in a civil partnership but have been living together as a couple and then separate, there is no formal process to go through but you have fewer rights than couples who divorce or dissolve their civil partnerships.

You may still need help and advice to come to an agreement about the things that you are dividing, such as property, possessions and assets and a mediator CLICK HERE for information on financial separation or to find a mediator CLICK HERE, or to seek legal advice CLICK HERE.