Family Mediation can help you to sort arrangements for children and finance

If you’re splitting-up or getting a divorce, family mediation can help you sort out arrangements with your ex or other family members.

Family mediation is where an independent, trained professional helps you and the other person to work out an agreement about issues, such as arrangements for your children or your finances.

Family mediation helps all sorts of people: married and unmarried, parents, grandparents, step-parents and young people can all take part.

There’s lots of information about family mediation here:

There are family mediators all over Kent, including some who are able to provide free mediation paid for by legal aid.

To find a local mediator, please put your postcode into the search box on the Family Mediation Council Website.

What have others said about family mediation?

‘I feel we can now move on in our parenting relationship with a much clearer understanding of our responsibilities. Not only towards [our child] but to each other as his mother and father.’ 

‘This is the only civilized way to sort our money out. I have been selling mediation to all my friends.’

‘If we had a similar situation again, mediation would be at the forefront of our minds as an option that would bring about an amicable solution.’