SSFA:Kent Rules and Regulations

1 Name

The name of the Alliance shall be: The Supporting Separated Families Alliance (Kent)

2 Aims

The objects of the Alliance shall be to:

  • Strive to improve the family breakdown system in Kent.
  • Strive to improve outcomes for children and families experiencing family breakdown in Kent, through raising awareness of the resources available locally and nationally.
  • Create a language and system which is less adversarial and which actively discourages families from automatically thinking of their separation as a justice issue and therefore requiring court intervention.
  • Recognise that in situations involving safeguarding or Domestic Abuse there will be some cases which will require judicial/court intervention.
  • Help families find a forum of communication and resolution that suits them.
  • Provide early access to services which will help families at the initial stage of family breakdown.
  • Act as a sounding board, providing intelligence and insight from those affected by family breakdown on key and emerging issues in Kent.
  • Provide those involved in family breakdown in Kent with a communication channel to key agencies and professionals, and an opportunity to hear feedback.
  • Share best practice across the region of Kent.
  • Help to champion the work of the Alliance.
  • Help the National Alliance reach a wider audience in other areas in England and Wales by understanding the repertoire of support available in Kent.
  • Inform the National Alliance’s strategic approach and priority setting.

3 Powers

In order to achieve its aims the Alliance may:

a. Raise money;

b. Open bank accounts;

c. Take out insurance;

d. Organise courses, and fundraising events;

e. Work with other groups and exchange information;

f. Do anything that is lawful which will help it to fulfil its aims.

4 Membership

(a) The Alliance will have members, drawn from a wide range of professions and organisations experienced in family breakdown throughout Kent.

(b) Members are appointed in an organisational capacity, and will have a strategic role or strategic insight into family breakdown issues.

(c) Members are drawn from Kent.

(d) Membership shall be available to anyone without regard to gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief.

(e) The membership of any member may be terminated for good reason by the Steering Group, but the member has a right to be heard by the Steering Group before a final decision is made.

(f) Each member organisation shall appoint a representative to attend meetings of the Alliance and may notify the Steering Group’s Secretary of that person’s name.

5 Management

(a) The Alliance shall be administered by the Steering Group.

(b) The Officers of the Steering Group shall be: the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

(c) The Steering Group shall meet at least 4 times a year.

(d) The Chairperson shall Chair all meetings of the Alliance.

(e) The quorum for Steering Group meetings shall be 4 members.

(f) Voting at Steering Group meetings shall be by a simple majority show of hands. If there is a tied vote then the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.

(g) The Steering Group may by a two-thirds majority vote and for a good and proper reason remove any Group member, provided that person has the right to be heard before a final decision is made.

(h) The Steering Group may appoint another member of the Alliance as a member to fill a vacancy.

6 Duties of the Officers of the Steering Group

(a) The duties of the Chairperson are to:

• Chair meetings of the Steering Group and the Alliance;

• Represent the Alliance at functions/meetings that the Alliance has been invited to;

• Act as spokesperson for the Alliance when necessary.

(b) The duties of the Secretary are to:

• Take and keep minutes of meetings;

• Prepare the agenda for meetings of the Steering Group and the Alliance in consultation with the Chairperson;

• Maintain the membership list;

• Deal with correspondence;

• Collect and circulate any relevant information within the Alliance.

(c) The duties of the Treasurer are to:

• Supervise the financial affairs of the Alliance;

• Keep proper accounts that show all monies collected and paid out by the Alliance.

7 Finance

(a) Any money obtained by the Alliance shall be used only for the Alliance.

(b) Any bank accounts opened for the Alliance shall be in the name of the Alliance.

(c) Any cheques issued shall be co-signed by the Chair or Treasurer and one other nominated person.

8 General Meeting

(a) The Alliance shall hold General meetings open to all Alliance members which promote the aims of the Alliance.

9 Alterations to the Rules and Regulations

Any changes to this must be agreed by the Steering Group.

10 Dissolution

The Alliance may be wound up at any time if agreed unanimously by the Steering Group.

These rules and regulations were adopted at a meeting of the Steering Group of the SSFA on 08 March 2022.