About SSFA: Kent

SSFA: Kent

Family separation can be a very difficult time, and there are a wide range of individuals, organisations, and charities in Kent who are working tirelessly to support separated families to ensure that the children and adults involved can work towards the most positive outcomes possible.

Supporting Separated Families Alliance Kent (the “Alliance”) is an integrated service of geographically accessible agencies and professionals dealing with family breakdown in Kent. Its purpose is to provide a local, comprehensive, shared support system for parents and children who are going through a family breakdown.

The Alliance aims to ensure that the support system created is accessible, relevant, clear, professional and impactful; and above all reflects the need to improve the support for children and families going through family breakdown in Kent.

In Kent, we are grateful for the support of the Judiciary, led by His Honour Judge Scarratt. It is clear that family support is of the utmost priority to all those working within the family court and it is under this leadership that we are able to bring together such a wide and varied group under one purpose; to improve the lives of separated families.

The Alliance is driven by its Steering Group.

Terms of reference can be found here.