Child Arrangements Order

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If you are unable to reach an agreement outside of court, you will need to apply for a child arrangements order using a C100 or you can apply online here. Before coming to court, you will need to attend a MIAM.

You will need to complete a C1A if there are allegations of harm and/or domestic abuse.

You will need to complete a C8 if you want your contact details to remain confidential.

You may be ordered to attend a Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP), more information can be found here.


The child’s welfare is the paramount consideration of the court when deciding an issue. The court will refer to the welfare checklist which can be found here.

Guidance on making an application can be found here. Guidance for separated parents can be found here.

We also recommend the Advice Now Guides and Child Law Advice.

There are various books available in print or e-book format that might be useful to you, for example ‘The Family Court Without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person’.

General advice for litigants in person (people without a lawyer) going to court can be found here.