Terms of Reference

The Alliance will:

  • Strive to improve the family breakdown system in Kent.
  • Strive to improve outcomes for children and families experiencing family breakdown in Kent, through raising awareness of the resources available locally and nationally.
  • Create a language and system which is less adversarial and which actively discourages families from automatically thinking of their separation as a justice issue and therefore requiring court intervention.
  • Recognise that in situations involving safeguarding or Domestic Abuse there will be some cases which will require judicial/court intervention.
  • Help families find a forum of communication and resolution that suits them.
  • Provide early access to services which will help families at the initial stage of family breakdown.
  • Act as a sounding board, providing intelligence and insight from those affected by family breakdown on key and emerging issues in Kent.
  • Provide those involved in family breakdown in Kent with a communication channel to key agencies and professionals, and an opportunity to hear feedback.
  • Share best practice across the region of Kent.
  • Help to champion the work of the Alliance.
  • Help the National Alliance reach a wider audience in other areas in England and Wales by understanding the repertoire of support available in Kent,
  • Inform the National Alliance’s strategic approach and priority setting.

Membership of the Alliance

  • The Alliance will have members, drawn from a wide range of professions and organisations experienced in family breakdown throughout Kent.
  • Members are appointed in an organisational capacity, and will have a strategic role or strategic insight into family breakdown issues.
  • Members are drawn from Kent.

The Steering Group (SG)

The SG has been established and tasked with the practical development of the Alliance.

Members of the SG will be:

  • A local member of the Judiciary
  • A local Mediator
  • A local Solicitor
  • A local Third Sector Organisation / Charity representative
  • KCC Public Health representative
  • A Service User / Parent

The SG will harness the views and opinions of the Alliance to ensure a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience is shared and articulated appropriately.

The SG will use all best endeavours to harness the ‘voice of the child / children and young people’.


The minutes of the Alliance, unless deemed confidential, will be available publicly on the Alliance’s website.

Confidential minutes will be maintained, if necessary, to protect service users.


The Alliance will meet 4 times a year.

All meetings will be held virtually or in-person.

All meetings will be minuted, and the minutes will be published on the Alliance website.

Monitoring and Review Date

These Terms of Reference will be reviewed on an annual basis.