Resolution: Find a Solicitor

Solicitors can provide advice on the law and how the court systems work. They can also provide advice on different ways of resolving disagreements other than going to court. Many family solicitors are also trained to mediate or to work collaboratively with other Family Law solicitors.  

Many Family Law solicitors are members of an organisation called Resolution. Resolution is an organisation originally set up to encourage Family Law solicitors to work together to help their clients reach an agreement with the minimum of conflict and confrontation. Solicitors who are members of Resolution sign up to abide by a Code of Practice which can be found on their website here.

Even if you do not want to use solicitors or cannot afford to do so it can be helpful to obtain some early advice to achieve a better understanding of some of the issues that may need to be resolved and the different options available to you. Many solicitors offer either a free initial meeting or the first meeting at a discounted fee.