Supporting Separated Families in Kent: Thank you

Supporting Separated Families Kent

Supporting Separated Families in Kent to enable them to improve the lives of the parents and children involved is why we set up the Alliance and this website.

I was going to welcome you to the website. Still, it feels like the wrong sentiment to welcome you when the chances are that the separation you are experiencing or have experienced does not feel like a situation to be welcomed.

Instead, I thank you for visiting us. Thank you for being the person to reach out for support and for trusting us with your family.

We are the local Supporting Separated Families Alliance for Kent & Medway. We are an alliance of professionals, organisations, and human beings who want to support separated families during the point of separation and beyond to ensure that the children and adults of separated families have the best possible lives following the separation.

We’ve included a lot of information on this website that we hope helps you. There’s support around separating itself; support for parents and support for children; and lots of information about divorce, financial separation, and how to structure child arrangements in a positive child-centric way.

If you are interested in the workings behind the alliance, we have also included information on our Governing Board, Steering Group, and Alliance Members.

Because this is an alliance of people who work elsewhere with families, it may take a couple of days before we can reply to any messages – but please know that you can contact us. We will signpost you to the appropriate support from one of our members.

We are not a faceless organisation, and there is a human at the end of the emails – feel free to say hello via our contact page.

If you are in crisis and need emergency support, then please contact Kent Police, The Samaritans, or one of the Kent Domestic Abuse Services.